Key features

  • Internet based photobook editor software
  • No need to download
  • No need to install
  • No hassle with software updates
  • Users can easily try using the software by simply clicking on the demo button


  • Demonstartion of services, orientation for customers
  • Registration and Logging in
  • Demo function for the photobook editor software
  • Photo upload and photogallery management

Back office

  • User management
  • Order management


  • End users can compile the photobook with photos uploaded
  • Software located on server side
  • Very short lead time between registration and first order
  • Quick and easy use with no unnecessary functions
  • Very appealing output
  • Runs on both PC and Mac


  • Generates print ready material from orders placed
  • Runs on print-provider

Reseller network

  • Involvement of resellers is an option
  • The Photobook clientnet can be placed at any optional number of resellers’s webpage
  • The Photobook processor runs on the server of the provider who is in sole control of production
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